© Andrew S. Wright / WWF-Canada Trees in the Great Bear Rain forest, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada.


Nature is considered one of the most powerful tools in the fight against climate change — and yet it has been largely overlooked.

Nature-Based Climate Solutions

As governments across Canada try to drive down greenhouse gas emissions, we urge them to include measurable, nature-based climate solutions like restoring and maintaining carbon-rich forests, coastal vegetation, freshwater basins, peatlands, and wetlands‎. Not only do these ecosystems capture and sequester carbon from the atmosphere, they also do double duty by providing vital habitat for wildlife. Nature-based climate solutions are about figuring out the most efficient way to help nature do its job when it comes to fighting the climate crisis and biodiversity loss.

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The loss of habitat for economic activities and other human needs continues to negatively impact wildlife, biodiversity and the traditional lands and waters of Indigenous peoples. Development and disruption of natural habitats also contributes to the climate crisis.

Nature-based climate solutions combat that crisis by protecting habitats and expanding natural carbon sinks like oceans, forests, peat bogs, and wetlands. This also prevents wildlife loss and provides resilience against climate impacts such as sea-level rise, river flooding, extreme fire weather and desertification.

What is WWF-Canada Doing

WWF-Canada is committed to restoring previously carbon-rich habitats and reducing the destruction of current carbon sinks. Canada holds significant amounts of the world’s stored carbon. Understanding the volume and location of this greenhouse gas is a priority for WWF-Canada. It is essential to ensure it remains undisturbed to avoid further accelerating the climate crisis.

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More about Our Climate Work

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