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Our Partners

Evidence-based and solutions-oriented, WWF-Canada works with government, business and communities to achieve lasting change.

Collaboration and Partnership are Key to Success

The challenges facing the global environment today are too big, too interconnected and too urgent for any one organization to solve alone. The natural world shows us in so many ways a simple truth: there is strength in numbers. At WWF-Canada, we envision a world in which nature and people thrive — but we’ll only get there if we all work together. By working in partnership with foundations, governments, businesses, communities, individuals and Indigenous communities, we aim to create new and innovative solutions at scale to deliver change where it matters most.

Collaborating with Local Partners

Whether it’s engineers designing smarter fishing gear in Newfoundland, GIS experts pinpointing key conservation zones in the Arctic, or scientists collecting bulk DNA samples from rivers across Canada, we rely on scientific partners to create national and global impact.

Our partners bring cutting-edge research, technology and expertise to the frontlines of  our conservation work. Together, we produce authoritative reports, groundbreaking modelling systems, critical assessment tools and so much more. And while we have many official partnerships with major institutions, we’re also proud of the dozens of less formal relationships that drive our success.

© Hannah Polaczek WWF working with Indigenous partners

Learning from Indigenous Communities

WWF-Canada recognizes that First Nations, Inuit and Métis are vital stewards of natural resources and essential partners in realizing our mission. We are committed to supporting Indigenous-led conservation; affirming the importance of traditional knowledge in guiding our work; and advocating on issues of common concern.

Indigenous communities face many of the same forces that threaten nature, such as pressures from extractive industries and infrastructure development. Climate change and other global trends are also accelerating the loss of natural habitats and resources that they depend on.

We collaborate with Indigenous communities and organizations on conservation management, sustainable use of natural resources, influencing relevant policy change and other ways where we can assist in protecting and conserving their lands and waters. Recognizing the rights, territories, law and culture of Indigenous people is crucial to delivering inclusive and sustainable development and moving toward reconciliation.

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Working with Business

We are living beyond our means and beyond our planet’s ecological limits. WWF-Canada works with companies who have the greatest potential to reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth, and together we find solutions to conservation challenges such as overfishing, water health and climate change.

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Friends of WWF-Canada Council

We believe that friendship is about connecting around a shared passion for nature, having fun together, and reciprocity. Our Friends of WWF-Canada Council members form a national network of volunteers committed to promoting WWF-Canada’s conservation programs and raising funds.

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