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Friends of WWF-Canada

Learn about the Friends of WWF-Canada, a group of conservation-minded leaders who are making a difference for nature.

We believe that friendship is about connecting around a shared passion for nature, having fun together, and paying-it-forward. We are the most recognized and beloved environmental organization in Canada, with a 50-year track record of conservation success that attracts benevolent people who want to make a difference.

Nalini Stewart

“ The global environmental crisis is increasingly top of mind for Canadians now. Together the twin challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss pose an existential threat to all life on the planet. Friends offers a chance to both learn and make a meaningful contribution to help solve these challenges. ”
- Nalini Stewart, National Chair of Friends of WWF-Canada

Who We Are

We are thankful for this distinguished group of conservation-minded leaders who are making a difference for nature by supporting WWF-Canada’s critical efforts to reverse the decline of wildlife in Canada.

Current Friends

Rudi Blatter
Sylvie Blatter
Lloyd Bryant*
George Butterfield
Mark Cohon+
David Dattels
Michael De Pencier+
Roger Dickhout+
Bita Doagoo
Courtney Doagoo
Kevin Doyle
Dianne Gartley
Mike Garvey+

Mitchell Glickman
Lynn & Jim Haight
Nona Heaslip
Sasha Jacob+
Kevin Jewison
Tim Keenleyside
Sheryl Kotzer
Patricia Koval+
Winnie Lam
Dougal Macdonald+
David Martin+
Darcy Morris
Jamie O’Born

Robin Ogilvie
Rob Ogilvie
Jane Panet
Bruce Poon Tip+
Frances Price
Margot Ritchie
Mike Sherrard
Meenakshi Sibal
Ziya Tong+
Darlene Varaleau
Tanny Wells
Victor Xin

Founding member *
Past or current Board or Board Chair +

Last updated: Fall 2022

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Simone Hicken

Vice President, Philanthropy & Donor Engagement