Wildlife Wednesday: Snow Leopard

In this edition of Wildlife Wednesday, WWF-Canada’s lead Asian big cat specialist Rinjan Shrestha takes us up into the high altitudes of Asia to explore the “ghost of the mountains” — the elusive Snow Leopard.


Snow leopard female with offspring © Ola Jennersten/WWF-Sweden

You’ll get to explore their remote habitats through exclusive camera trap footage and hear Rinjan’s stories from the field. Ever wondered how we study snow leopards if they are so rarely seen in the wild? We’ll get into that, along with so much more.

Snow leopards are the only big cat to call the cold mountains of Asia home so ,as you can imagine, their bodies are built to withstand freezing cold temperatures. The fur on their stomach is almost 5 inches thick (!) to help them survive in the harsh mountain climates.

But that isn’t the only physical attribute that helps them survive in the cold — can you guess some others? Check out the full episode of Wildlife Wednesday below to find out. Make sure to watch until the end to test your skills and see if you can “spot the snow leopard” during a fun round of trivia.

Still haven’t had enough snow leopards? Watch our featured species video here.