© GaryAndJoanieMcGuffin.com / WWF Canada Woodland caribou, Ontario, Canada


Manitoba lags behind other provinces in the creation of protected areas. Large protected areas in the boreal and grassland regions of the province would strengthen ecological representation and benefit at-risk wildlife.

Manitoba has a large and continuous unprotected area that is visible at both the national and provincial level. Centrally located in the eastern portion of the province, this area should be prioritized for protection. In addition, the grassland region of Manitoba is poorly represented within the province’s protected area network despite being home to overlapping high priority considerations. This region should likewise be prioritized for protected area establishment. On a positive note, as large parks, Caribou River Provincial Park and Wapusk National Park protect a variety of plant and animal species including caribou and contribute to adequate representation for many criteria in this analysis.

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Regional Spotlight

Manitoba’s swath of unprotected boreal forest is home to woodland caribou, wolverine and other at-risk species, and contains high soil carbon and ecologically important rivers, lakes and wetlands.