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With temperatures often below freezing and biting winds tearing through leafless trees, it’s easy to think of winter as the bleakest season. Many of us go into our own form of hibernation, choosing to stay indoors rather than venture out into the cold.

Blue Jay
Close up of the head of a blue jay (Cyanocitta cristata), Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. © Jarrett Corke / WWF-Canada

Some of us even fly south for the winter and while many birds have already done the same, there are plenty who stay behind and tough it out. From padding their nests with scraps of fabric, growing special “winter feathers,” or finding a southern perch to catch the last rays of the sun, these brave souls have developed some amazing ways of coping with the cold.
From soaring falcons to red-breasted nuthatches, you’ll be surprised at the variety of bird life you can find out in nature. You can also bring a little wilderness to your doorstep by installing a bird feeder on your property. Fill it with seeds and nuts and see who stops by for lunch. We’re challenging you to get outside and capture some photos of our winter birds – and then submit your favourites to the WWF photo contest.
Last month, the Graeme Loader Photography Board was filled with your pictures of all the ways you #CountForNature in your communities. Congratulations to Zoe Walker whose photo (below) of her backyard garden in Port Coquitlam, BC was selected as our November/December photo contest winner. A big thank you to everyone who shared their photos. Visit here to view all the WWF-Canada November/December photo contest entries.
Our backyard garden in Port Coquitlam © Zoe Walker