Species-at-risk habitat shouldn’t be open for business

A review of Ontario’s Endangered Species Act could be exactly what wildlife need, but the government’s current emphasis on creating “efficiencies for business” could make it even easier for industry to disturb and pollute nature where at-risk species need protections most. Right now (until March 4) you can tell government to help Ontario’s most vulnerable wildlife.

Two Cougar cubs (c) J.D. Taylor

Already, Ontario is home to 243 species at risk of extinction. Already, routinely granted exemptions to the Act make it far too easy for development and industry to tear up and cut through critical habitat.
We must let the government know we want better protections for Ontario’s species at risk. Public comments on the proposal will be accepted until March 4. Click here to submit your comments now.
Together we must let the Ontario government know:

  • Changes to the Endangered Species Act should improve protections, not water them down further.
  • This review won’t help species at risk if it doesn’t address exemptions that make it too easy for business and industry to do even more harm to critical habitat. Clearly defined no-go zones protect wildlife while creating efficiencies for business by making it clear where development won’t be permitted (no exemptions).
  • We want protections that lead to recovery for species-at-risk in Ontario – we don’t want changes that will drive more species to extinction.

Piping Plover on the beach ©bookguy-via-iStockPhoto.jpg

Half of Canada’s wildlife are in decline – by a whopping 83 per cent. Provincial governments must be part of the solution. Tell Ontario species-at-risk habitat shouldn’t be open for business.
You can submit your comments on the government’s proposed changes to the Endangered Species Act by clicking here.