Leading the pack to WWF-Canada’s 25th Anniversary CN Tower Climb

Haley Cruse first climbed the CN Tower stairs for WWF-Canada in 1993 when her friend, a fellow marathoner, challenged her to a new fitness competition. It was just the type of challenge that Haley was looking for and she’s climbed every year since. And her children Julia (18) and Brennan (17) have joined her for the past twelve.
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CN Tower Climb
© Haley Cruse

Climb day has become a family tradition that starts before sunbreak. Travelling from Barrie, ON means they’re in the car by 5 a.m. to be among the first climbers. Haley reveals that an early climb is key to a fast climb – fewer people in front of you allows for a speedier time.
While before and after the event may be about family bonding, the climb itself is a no-holds-barred competition. When Julia and Brennan were younger, Haley would give them a head-start before racing up the steps behind them.
CN Tower Climb
© Haley Cruse

These days, all three take off at the same time, racing for the top. While they all have regular climb times under 17 minutes, Haley still holds the record at 14:27!
Now, Haley is quick to point out that her family might be a bit more competitive than other climbers. That’s another thing she likes about the climb – that you see people of all ages and fitness levels challenging themselves and working toward their own personal goals. Whether you climb in 15 minutes or an hour, you come out the doors of the CN Tower feeling satisfied and accomplished.
Looking back to Haley’s first climb, her participation and fundraising that year supported a momentous milestone for habitats and wildlife in Canada – the founding of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in Toronto – which has now grown into a recognized forestry stewardship program that has certified over 50 million hectares in Canada. This conservation success is just one of many that Haley and her kids have supported over their years of climbing.
Thank you to the Cruse family for your years of dedication! We hope you have a great climb again this year at our 25th Anniversary CN Tower climb.
Show your pride. It’s time to fundraise and rally for wildlife. Join WWF-Canada on April 25 & 26 in celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Canada Life CN Tower Climb and help protect species at risk, and the critical habitats they need to survive. There’s never been a better time to lead the pack for wildlife conservation. Visit wwf.ca/cntower to register!