June 2015 Photo Contest: Celebrating our Oceans

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The ocean sustains life on Earth.  Canada has the world’s longest coastline—bordering the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans—and one of the largest ocean bodies of any country in the world.  World Oceans Day is June 8, so we want to celebrate our oceans all month long!  Submit your best ocean photographs now and tell us what you love about our oceans.

© Kevin McNamee / WWF-Canada
Pacific Ocean waves crashing on coast of Moresby Island, Queen Charlotte Islands/Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada. © Kevin McNamee / WWF-Canada

Last month’s Graeme Loader Photography Board was signs of spring! Congratulations to Rob J. from Perth, Ontario, whose beautiful photo of four Red Fox kits making their way out of their den was selected as our May photo contest winner. Thanks so much to everyone who shared their photos, it was great seeing people outside engaging with nature. You can view them all here.
4 Red Fox kits make their way out of their den. Perth Ontario @Rob J.
Four Red Fox kits make their way out of their den. Perth Ontario © Rob J.

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