Go Wild with nature and your community

Written by Jill Schnarr, Vice-president, Community Affairs, TELUS Communications Inc
When I think of everything nature provides us on a daily basis: clean air, pure water, food, and medicine, it’s hard not to become passionate about protecting it. This holiday season, I’m excited TELUS has joined forces with WWF to challenge Canadians to Go Wild and reawaken their community to the benefits of nature.
At TELUS we love critters and the environment – they are a hallmark of our brand, and we are committed to supporting initiatives that protect the environment and our precious wildlife to ensure a healthy environment for generations to come. As part of that commitment, we made a promise to contribute $5 million over five years to protect animals and their habitats.

Loveable animals are a hallmark of the TELUS brand. © TELUS
TELUS critters, like the snow leopard, are a hallmark of our brand and we make sure to support the conservation of wildlife. © TELUS

We also know the power of giving where we live and have seen first-hand how small actions and ideas can make a real difference. That’s why we jumped at the chance to partner with WWF for their Go Wild Community Grants program presented by TELUS, an opportunity for people across the country to bring forward creative ideas that will help their communities connect with nature and help it thrive.
Your Go Wild idea doesn’t have to move mountains, it can be as grassroots as planting saplings or endangered plants, learning how to protect species at risk, or teaching future generations about the importance of the environment.
Tell us how you’ll get your community involved with nature and we’ll support the best ideas through our Go Wild Community Grants (ranging from $1,000 – $10,000).
Submit your application via email to [email protected] by 5 p.m. E.S.T on December 21, 2015 for your chance to be selected.
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