For Maya’s 6th birthday party she got an X-Box and WWF-Canada got $307!

By: the folks at EchoAge
Maya recently made a difference and helped WWF-Canada’s conservation work with a donation through EchoAge. EchoAge is a website for US and Canadian residents, which teaches children about giving to those less fortunate.  How does it work? Each guest contributes a gift amount.  ECHOage collects all of the gifts and deducts an administrative fee. The balance is split in half.  One half of the proceeds is contributed to a charity of your child’s choice and the other half is returned to you to purchase one meaningful gift.

“I love animals and I really want to help them, to make sure they areOK and safe. I really love my dog and cat at home and I also love rabbits, kangaroos and wombats!”
It was a natural fit for Maya to choose WWF.
We (EchoAge) are so pleased that this birthday party is helping to support WWF’s mission: to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.
Quite an impressive achievement for this very special six year old.
Happy Birthday and happy X-Box playing to you, Maya!