Electric cars: Green your wheels

Until January 31, 2013, sign up for an AutoShare membership at a reduced rate of $29 (usually $129) and use an Electric Vehicle for up to 12 hours for free! Simply visit https://autoshare.com/EV.html and register using the EVFREE promotion code.
After your first use, if you’re an electric mobility fan, you can continue to use the electric car at the same rate as the gas-powered vehicles in AutoShare’s fleet. This is a great way to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions the next time you need to use a car for personal or business travel.

Cara Clairman – president of Plug’n Drive Ontario – is a regular user of AutoShare’s electric vehicles for business travel. She says that electric vehicles are quiet, easy to drive and that the range is great for GTA travel (she noted she can travel to Markham and back without needing to worry about topping-up the battery).
Let us know how your test drive goes!