Driving the Electric Dream

Coordinated by Rebecca Spring, WWF-Canada’s Manager of Sustainable Transportation. Written by Julie Stauffer
For years, software entrepreneur Jason Taylor dreamt of owning an electric vehicle. He wanted to cut his carbon emissions and stop supporting oil companies. But he also wanted a full-sized sedan that could accommodate him, his wife, young son, dog and plenty of luggage. Enter the award-winning Tesla Model S Performance.
With a starting price of $103,000 this isn’t a car within most people’s reach. As a high-mileage driver, however, Jason figures he’s saving $500 in fuel costs a month. He’s also having a whole lot of fun.

© Jason Taylor

“The Tesla is easily the best car I’ve ever driven,” he says. It can go from zero to 100 kilometres an hour in just 4.4 seconds and boasts a top speed of 209 km/hour. The ride is silent, smooth and powerful. The Model S also comes loaded with features like onboard Internet access, touchscreen controls and one of the most advanced voice control systems on the market.
The real selling point, however, is the battery range. Jason can go 480 kilometres on a single charge — enough to convince the most skeptical drivers that electric vehicles have big potential. “It’s a game changer for sure,” he says.
Not only can he zip around Toronto to his client meetings, he can also use the Tesla for weekend trips to the cottage. He and his wife are even planning an electric road trip: Tesla is promising to install a network of solar-powered superchargers across North America that can replenish 3 hours worth of driving in 20 minutes. “I’ll be able to literally drive across the country on sunlight,” Jason says.