Why I Climb for WWF: A Chance to Make Positive Change

Meet Alyssa Tang, Three-time Climb Team Organizer A seven-time CN Tower climb veteran, this is Alyssa’s third year organizing a team from her school, St. Augustine Catholic High School in Markham, to climb for WWF. Every year, she rallies more and more classmates to join in, completely wowing us with her passion.

Alyssa with classmates
© Alyssa Tang

Alyssa attributes her enthusiasm and success to her longtime love for the environment, and a great team to work with at her school. Alyssa has been on St. Augustine’s Environmental Council for all four years of high school, and in her fourth and final year, is leading the council as President. As a long time environmentalist, supporting WWF was an easy decision for Alyssa. “I like that WWF is a large organization that is known around the world – that means there’s a greater opportunity to affect big, positive change.” By following WWF on social media, and participating in WWF’s events throughout the year, Alyssa is always pumped to participate in the Annual Canada Life CN Tower Climb each spring. This is Alyssa’s third year bringing together a team from her school – her team members tripled from year one to year two, and this year she’s recruited an astonishing 32 climbers, making St. Augustine’s our largest school team this year! When asked how she’s found such success, Alyssa attributes it to the Environmental Council at her school, as they built the momentum from year one. During the school’s eco-week this year, the Environment Council heavily promoted the climb. Having an enthusiastic leadership team is helpful as well – “Our principal is really athletic and was eager to get involved, he’ll be joining us at the climb!”
Team at CN Tower Climb
© Alyssa Tang

Currently in her final year of high school, Alyssa is looking to study architecture next year, “I’m hoping to study architectural design, as it combines my love of arts with my passion for the environment,” she says. We’ll miss her leadership behind St. Augustine’s climb team, but hope to see her, and St. Augustine, back next year! Lastly, as a veteran climber, we asked her for any tips for first-time climbers. Alyssa says training definitely helps – “I use the stair climber at the gym, or skip rope at home in my basement to build up my endurance,” says Alyssa. One of the most important tips she can give: “when they say hands-free climb – they mean it! Remember to give your phone, keys everything at coat check when you have the chance!”