Canada Water Week: What's your water footprint? (VIDEO)

Follow Herman and his loyal friend, Larry the fish, in this new WWF video as they navigate the journey towards discovering their water footprint.  Both Larry and Herman are dedicated to protecting the environment and reducing their water footprint in their home with innovative and admirable stewardship practices.  So it comes as quite a shock to them when they learn that their household water use is only the tip of the iceberg as far as their total water footprint goes!

© Chris Martin Bahr / WWF-Canon

As the duo is exposed to the hidden water costs of electricity and the amount of water needed to grow the cotton for Herman’s favorite “I heart rivers” t-shirt, their very identity and raison d’être as passionate environmentalists is put to the test.  It’s only after seeking professional help that they’re enlightened with the realization that having a water footprint isn’t bad, it’s necessary.  We all have a water footprint – but luckily, unlike Herman and Larry, we don’t need therapy to come to terms with it.  Realizing that our water footprint extends to literally everything we use and consume is empowering – the more we think and see blue in everything we consume, the greater our ability to reduce the impact of our water footprint.
Next week, March 19-25, marks Canada Water Week, and this year’s theme is “Discover Your Water Footprint”.  Be sure to visit the to learn more, and check out our WWF blog next week as we feature entries from some of Canada’s leading voices on water.