5 things you can do for nature right now

Nature provides habitat and shelter for wildlife. It supports livelihoods and communities. It absorbs and stores carbon, helping fight climate change.

Nature does so much for us — so this Earth Day, here are five things you can do for nature:

Create habitat in your garden or balcony

What you plant matters! By choosing native plants this spring, your gardens can provide food, nesting and stopover sites for pollinators like bees and butterflies as well as supporting other local wildlife.

Click here for six easy steps to planting a wildlife-friendly garden — and if you’re in southern Ontario and Quebec, join our In the Zone program for even more tips on creating habitat at your home.

Run to Restore Nature

fox-shaped run route

WWF’s Run to Restore Nature is your chance to come together for wildlife and chart a better course for our planet. Sign up now to walk, run or wheel your way to the finish line then challenge your friends, family and coworkers to support your effort.

Every dollar you raise will support our work safeguarding at-risk species, protecting threatened habitats and fighting climate change.

There are 5, 10 and 21 km routes available (which you can turn into GPS works of art!) and the best part is you can participate in your own neighbourhood!

Speak up for whales

Ships are dumping billions of litres of harmful waste in marine protected areas (MPAs) every year. Join thousands of people across the country in demanding that Canada’s MPAs be protected in more than name only.

Send an email to the Prime Minister and your MP today to help protect belugas, killer whales and countless other marine species.

Killer whale off BC coast with large ship in background
© Dick Martin / Unsplash

Donate to have double the impact for rhinos

The greater one-horned rhino is one of the world’s most vulnerable large mammals. Thanks to decades of conservation efforts, this armoured giant is coming back from the brink of extinction.

But our work is far from done — help keep rhino populations heading in the right direction by investing in proven tactics to protect the habitats and lives of greater one-horned rhinos in Nepal.

Spend time in nature

It’s amazing how going on a walk and just taking some intentional time to connect and be present with nature can help you relax, slow down and focus.

Making time for nature reminds us why it is so important, and why we must continue working together to protect and restore it year-round!

Presqu'ile Provincial Park on the north shore of Lake Ontario
© Joshua Ostroff