Our Planet docuseries nominated for 10 Emmy Awards

Netflix’s Our Planet documentary from Silverback Films, in collaboration with WWF, received 10 Emmy nominations including Outstanding Documentary, Outstanding Cinematography, and Sound editing for the “Frozen Worlds” episode. With over 30 million household views, Our Planet has become the most-watched documentary series to date.

As seen in Our Planet, Canadian wildlife are not immune to global wildlife losses. WWF-Canada assisted in the production of the “Frozen Worlds” episode, which brought to light some of the threats facing narwhals today.

Our recently announced Arctic Species Conservation Fund projects highlight some of the work that WWF-Canada is supporting to conserve Arctic species. We hope to provide solutions to the key issues threatening the existence of narwhals and other Arctic species including polar bears, beluga whales, and barren-ground caribou.

WWF-Canada’s latest Living Planet Report shows that 50 per cent of monitored species are in decline, with habitat loss being the largest threat. Unsustainable human activities have caused a 60 per cent average decline in global wildlife populations in less than a generation.

Brandon Laforest, Senior Specialist, Arctic Species & Ecosystems:
“We immensely enjoyed our small role, but above all, we love hearing how much viewers have embraced the series and are taking it a step further by becoming more engaged in conservation issues.”

To learn more about Our Planet and how WWF-Canada is helping reverse Canadian wildlife decline, please click here.

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