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More than a century ago, about 100,000 tigers roamed Asia. Today, there are close to 4,500 left, scattered across less than five per cent of their historic range.

A decade of conservation efforts has increased the number of tigers from an all-time low, but our work is far from done because tiger populations are still at critical levels. We need your support to protect tigers and return them to the vast landscapes they once roamed.

Your gift will make twice the difference

Double my gift

Help protect the world’s most threatened big cat

As tiger populations grow, so too must our conservation efforts. The most urgent threats facing tigers right now are habitat loss and human-tiger conflict.

Here’s what your gift will do to help reduce these threats:


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Immediate and short term

Reduce conflict between people and tigers by setting up early warning systems, predator-proof corrals, and relief funds for local communities impacted by tigers.


© DoFSC / WWF Nepal

Long term

Expand tigers’ range by connecting their current habitats to vast swaths of unoccupied landscapes. We’re also mapping conflict hotspots and using behavioural science to develop conflict mitigation strategies so people and tigers peacefully co-exist together.

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Double my gift

*The McCoshen Family of Saskatoon has generously agreed to match all donations to WWF’s tiger conservation work in Nepal up to $10,000 before 11:59 p.m. ET on May 19, 2023. Net funds raised in excess of $20,000 may be redirected to other important work for nature and wildlife in Canada.


© Dr Sanjay K Shukla / WWF-International