Introducing the bloggers for our National Sweater Day Knitting Challenges

Lucinda Iglesias

Originally from New Orleans, Lucinda Iglesias always dreamed of having a yarn shop. In March 2012, her dream became a reality with the opening of Mont Tricot in Sutton, Quebec. She has a big passion for yarn and colours, which is quite evident as soon as you enter her store, where there are two armchairs for clients to sit and knit. Most of all, she loves sharing her passion for knitting by showing others how to knit. In light of WWF’s National Sweater Day (coming up on February 7), Lucinda will knit a sweater that she will wear on the big day. Each Monday until then, she will blog and discuss what is needed to knit a sweater in 4 weeks.
Lucinda‘s creation style is distinct in the format and design. She loves oversized challenges. As shown in the picture below, she has created a cast not using needles, but PVC pipes! Do not miss these blogs and comments on the Facebook event. This is a rendezvous until February 4!

Caroline Leamon

The first thing Caroline ever learned to knit was a pair of mittens, fifteen years ago, when a family friend taught her how to knit. From that first pair of mittens, she has gone on to knit countless scarves, a few hats, a giant sweater dress (in the photo above), a sweater for her mother’s elderly terrier, and so much more. This is her first time blogging about knitting though, and the crocheted “pole decoration” in the photo below has a lot to do with how Caroline became a contributor for National Sweater Day Knitting Challenges.

The story started this past autumn, when Caroline and her mother decided to try yarn bombing together (for the uninitiated, “yarn bombing” is a public art form that uses yarn rather than paint to brighten public spaces). The pole above was one of several things her mother and her had decorated – they had crocheted the decoration using scrap yarn, and painstakingly stitched it to the pole.
Anyway, as Caroline was standing on a stool next to the pole, stitching away, I happened to walk by. And of course, I stopped to invite them to help with National Sweater Day. What an opportunity – and all because they decided to have fun with sharing their knitting! Caroline is delighted to be part of this project and can’t wait to share knitting with you.