Young Community Panda leader: Noah d’Entremont

Noah d’Entremont is on a mission to do everything he can for endangered wildlife. At only nine years old, he has already organized three fundraising campaigns that raised $950 dollars for WWF – an achievement so great that he almost fainted when he rang up the total!
Along with his older brother Justin, he has hosted two ‘Family Games Nights’ that brought out nearly 50 guests made up of their families, school friends and supportive neighbours. Everyone had a great time learning about the Giant Panda and playing board and trivia games while eating panda paw cookies.

Justin (left) and Noah (right). © Nicole d’Entremont
Justin (left) and Noah (right). © Nicole d’Entremont

But he didn’t stop there. Using Tees for The People Noah designed and sold 85 panda t-shirts, donating the profits to WWF-Canada. He is unstoppable and already brainstorming ideas for his next campaign to save the Siberian tiger.
Noah in his ‘Disappearing Fast’ t-shirt © Nicole d’Entremont
Noah in his ‘Disappearing Fast’ t-shirt. © Nicole d’Entremont

Noah, along with the support of his family and friends, has become a young leader in the effort to protect the future of species at risk and their habitats. He is driven because he understands the intrinsic value of wildlife and the threats they face. But don’t take my word for it, listen to what Noah himself has to say:

WWF-Canada is extremely grateful to have supporters like Noah, Justin and the d’Entremont family. On behalf of the Giant Panda and all the wildlife you are helping, thank you Noah!
We couldn’t do the work we do without all of our Community Panda members like Noah. If you have been looking for ways to have fun while making a difference we are here to help!  Have a look at our ‘Fundraising for WWF’ webpage, or send us an email at [email protected].
And don’t forget to check out our Community Panda Blog to see what others doing!