WWF holiday adoption gift guide: Introducing the wildlife ranger hero doll!

This holiday season, WWF is introducing six new species, as well as three frontline hero dolls for you to adopt and take home.
Frontline workers such as marine biologists, wildlife rangers and polar researchers are important in order to support WWF’s conservation efforts around the world. Let’s learn more about the work of a wildlife ranger.

wildlife rangers
Game wardens equipped by WWF in the Eidere Valley of the Sjunt Hasardag Nature Reserve in the Kopetdag Mountains, Turkmenistan © Hartmut Jungius / WWF-Canon

A day in the life of a wildlife ranger could include:

  • Protecting endangered species like tigers, elephants and rhinos from poachers.
  • Safeguarding parklands and helping people manage natural resources.
  • Patrolling park boundaries to keep poachers at bay.

wildlife rangers
Anti-poaching patrol at the WWF-Gabon office. © WWF / James Morgan

Wildlife Rangers are a key part of WWF efforts:

  • Wildlife rangers help safeguard endangered species and fight wildlife crime.
  • These men and women work hard on the frontlines to protect some of the most threatened species in the world.
  • International illegal wildlife trade is threatening species like tigers, elephants and rhinos. Wildlife rangers risk their lives every day to protect nature and are truly the unsung heroes of conservation.

wildlife ranger
 How can you help these frontline heroes and their important work?
By adopting a frontline hero plush doll you are symbolically helping Wildlife Rangers and their efforts with WWF in safeguarding species and their habitats.
Each adoption kit includes a high quality frontline hero plush doll, spotlight card with information about the work your gift will help support, a personalized adoption certificate, and a reusable tote bag and an applicable tax receipt.
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