WWF Gift Guide: 7 ways you can support wildlife this holiday

This holiday, find the perfect gift for everyone on your list while helping wildlife across the globe.
1. Adopt a species

Great for: Anyone who loves wildlife!
Price point: Approximately $40-$50
Choose from over 40 species that will appeal to any animal lover. When you adopt, you will receive an adorable plush, tote bag, personalized certificate of adoption and poster with species information plus details about how your donation is helping WWF’s conservation programs.
2. Another way to adopt wildlife

Great for: Anyone who loves wildlife!
Price point: Approximately $25
Love the idea of adopting a species but aren’t wild about the plush? You can still symbolically adopt an animal and choose a stunning card with a personalized certificate of adoption in a wildlife envelope for only $25.  12 species are available with the card option.
3. Reusable straw set

Great for: All the eco-friendly rock stars in your life
Price point: Approximately $15
Take a sustainable sip with this reusable straw set. Each set comes with a WWF branded carrying pouch, two straight stainless steel panda straws, two bent stainless steel panda straws and two cleaning brushes. The perfect way to help eliminate plastic straw waste from oceans across the globe.
4. Virtual gifts

Great for: Anyone who loves nature!
Price point: Approximately $15-100
Whether you’re looking to invest a lot or a little, we have plenty of meaningful virtual gifts to choose from. From helping to protect the narwhal’s icy home to giving a panda room to grow, each virtual gift includes a beautiful e-card with more information on how your gift is making a big impact.
5. DAVIDsTEA polar bear mugs

Great for: Tea drinkers 
Price point: Approximately $15-$34
Spread the warmth this season with an adorable DAVIDsTEA mug and travel mug in support of wildlife across Canada. Ten per cent of the retail price of each limited edition polar bear mug will be donated to WWF-Canada’s species conservation programs, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $25,000.
Check out the travel mug and stackable mug.
6. A cozy sweatshirt

Great for: Anyone who loves keeping cozy and our planet
Price point: Approximately $70
Help your loved ones keep warm this winter with this lovely WWF-branded hoodie that will showcase their fondness for style and our planet. All sweatshirts are made in Canada using 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled polyester.
7. A cool T-shirt for women, men or kids

Great for: Anyone who loves style and our planet (great for kids and adults alike!)
Price point: Approximately $25-40
If you’re in the market for cooler apparel, these WWF-branded tees make great gifts for kids and adults alike. All tees are made in Canada using 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled polyester.
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