WWF-Canada welcomes TVO’s The Water Brothers as Official Water Ambassadors

In the face of increasing threats to both fresh- and salty water, WWF-Canada and TVO’s The Water Brothers – Alex and Tyler Mifflin – are partnering to help promote solutions to some of the most significant conservation challenges of our time.

The Water Brothers
Alex (left) and Tyler (right) pose with WWF-Canada Panda mascot at a Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup event in May 2015 at Toronto’s Tommy Thompson Park. © Rebecca Spring / WWF-Canada

Rivers, lakes and oceans should be good, healthy ecosystems that are safe for humans and nature. Canadians are passionate about and proud of our freshwater heritage and people want to know what’s happening in their watershed or along their coastline and that’s why WWF is working with The Water Brothers to raise awareness about water.
With one fifth of the world’s freshwater, and shorelines on three major oceans, Canada has a wealth of water. But with this abundance comes the responsibility to steward and protect our waters for the future. Over the next year, WWF-Canada and The Water Brothers will target some of the biggest threats to water – pollution, habitat fragmentation and climate change – and will demonstrate how changes are affecting both species and people.
Alex and Tyler Mifflin are the creators and stars of TVO’s The Water Brothers – a series that is committed to educating Canadians, especially youth, about the important problems facing water. Between the show, and the interactive digital series, Dive Deeper, Alex and Tyler are committed to reaching as many people as possible. According to Tyler, “we are thrilled to be working with WWF-Canada to raise even more awareness about the environmental challenges we all face. As Water Ambassadors, we will strive to show Canadians how we can all make a difference in helping protect our freshwater and ocean ecosystems.”
For more information on freshwater health, check out watershedreports.wwf.ca and watch WWF’s latest Google Hangout – discussing freshwater health and featuring the Tyler and Alex.
You can help keep our waters healthy too.  Registration is now open for the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.  Find a cleanup near you and take a stand against shoreline litter.