The River Tour Series builds on the Canadian Rivers Institute’s “State of the Environment” report released in the summer of 2011.  The report highlights the findings of over 100 studies on the St. John River and provides a starting point to bridge the science of the river with community experiences, concerns, and priorities.

(c) Alan Solis
The environmental quality of the Saint John River has significantly improved since the 1960’s and 70’s, but there are challenges still ahead. Contemporary issues such as nutrient loading from our farms, industries and communities; changes to fish stock and populations; and changes to the flow of the river have been identified as critical challenges that need to be tackled.
WWF along with the Conservation Council of New Brunswick and the Canadian Rivers Institute with local hosts are planning events in 8 communities along the river.  For a complete list of locations and times see here.
The Maliseet people call the Saint John River Wolastoq, which means “beautiful river.”  The communities along the river and our partners are seizing an opportunity to return a river, so important to Canada’s history to its namesake.
See also WWF’s Canada’s Rivers at Risk report, which profiles the health of 10 Canadian rivers, including the Saint John.