Will Power: Keeping the magic of nature alive

WWF-Canada is proud to partner with Will Power, a national movement inspiring people to think differently about charitable giving. Find out how your Will can be a powerful tool for change.

Anna Saroli (right) and her husband, Andrés (left)
Anna and her husband, Andrés. Photo provided by Anna Saroli.

Anna Saroli was born with a love of nature thanks to her parents, city people with a passion for the outdoors and camping. She laughs about them never having the right equipment but always venturing out anyway.

One of Anna’s earliest memories is of witnessing the magic of the mountains on a B.C. camping trip and being amazed by the walls of green around their tent. During these trips, she’d make fairy houses in the forest with tree roots, moss and acorn cups.

Another fond memory is of a riverside picnic in Peru with her husband Andrés, who shares her love of camping and walking, where they saw thousands of frogs.

“It was an incredible experience,” she says. “I wish everyone could see something like that.”

A committed donor since the late 1980s, Anna is also a member of WWF-Canada’s Legacy Circle. “It was important for me to include charities in my estate plans as a natural extension of care for the causes I’m close to,” she says.

Anna and her son under a partially cut old growth in tree Kings Canyon National Park in California
Anna in Kings Canyon National Park in California. Photo provided by Anna Saroli.

Supporting efforts to reverse nature loss gives Anna hope, as does nature’s ability to regenerate. On a visit with her son to Kings Canyon National Park in California, she saw a sequoia tree that had been partially cut in the 19th century but is slowly healing itself.

“A hundred years from now we may not be able to see the saw mark — when we leave nature alone, it can recover.”

Like Anna, most of us spend a lifetime contributing to causes close to our heart. But did you realize you can make a transformational contribution to wildlife by leaving even one per cent of your estate while leaving 99 per cent to family and friends?

By choosing to leave a gift in your Will to WWF-Canada, you too can extend your love of nature beyond your lifetime while taking care of your loved ones.

It costs nothing now and ensures your impact and support for conservation within Canada will continue.

Learn more about the power of your Will and how you can get started now.