Bring wildlife home for the holidays with these five 5 unique gift ideas

Are you shopping for someone who can’t get enough of wildlife?

Bring wildlife home to them with five gifts they won’t forget, from grizzlies in the living room to snowy owls under the tree. They will get to experience the species they care so deeply about in new ways and, by giving meaningfully, you will help conserve wildlife and their habitat homes for generations to come.

5. An augmented reality (AR) grizzly bear that restores habitat

Give them the gift of a grizzly bear up close with our all-new augmented reality experience. With a clear 360-degree view of the bear, tap-to-learn grizzly facts and sound effects, AR is a wonderful and interactive way to learn more about this formidable creature.

Rather than a physical product, this low environmental impact gift arrives via email with a QR code for the AR experience and a personalized certificate with information about the restoration work that this gift supports. The entire cost of the gift is a donation to WWF-Canada, helping regrow the forests and restore the salmon spawning grounds that sustain bears and other wildlife.

4. Grow pollinator habitat with seed ornaments

Two seed ornaments hang on a branch. One features illustrated sunflower seeds on the packaging and says "bee happy." The other is pale green with animal illustrations and says "Let joy take root."

Perfect as a stocking stuffer or tree trimming, this gift will bring wildlife to their backyard or balcony garden. Each ornament contains a seed pack, which is easy to grow and a favourite of pollinators.

It’s important to choose the right seeds for their region. Our annual sunflower seeds — which have been grown, cultivated and traded by Indigenous Peoples across North America for thousands of years — can be planted anywhere in Canada. In southern Ontario, you can choose between sunflower seeds or a dry grass prairie mix containing locally sourced plants native to the region such as common milkweed, wild bergamot, heath aster and more.

3. A one-of-a-kind puzzle that helps solve biodiversity loss

Sumatran tiger puzzle

Puzzling over the perfect gift? Endangered Pieces are limited-edition puzzles where each piece represents an individual animal of an at-risk species left in the wild. Proceeds from this gift go towards WWF-Canada’s conservation work, helping build a future where puzzles like these become harder to do because there are so many more pieces.

The Sumatran tiger puzzle is 400 pieces, the pygmy three-toed sloth is 79 pieces, and the Southern Resident killer whale, an icon of the Pacific coast, is the smallest offering with just 73 pieces.

2. A walk on the wild side

Pair of socks with a koala pattern

Pandas go bear foot (sorry) but you don’t have to. With our wildlife sock bundle, you can choose three pairs from a variety of fun, wildlife-inspired designs. Kick up your heels knowing all net proceeds supports conservation projects.

1. A hangout with a sloth (and other wildlife) under the tree

A plush sloth with velcro hands hangs onto a lamp like a tree.

Symbolically adopt a species for the person who wishes they could hangout with a sloth, turn heads 270 degrees with a polar owl, sing with a humpback whale and cuddle up with a muskox.

Designed with the help of species experts, each of our 45 lifelike plush adoptions incorporate true-to-life features and come with a fact-filled poster so recipients can forge an even closer connection to the species.

Shopping for a herd or building a collection? Save up to 20 per cent and get free shipping with adoption bundles.

Panu Panda and Mago Monkey plush sit on a table with a holiday backdrop.

Don’t forget the littlest wildlife lovers. Infants and toddlers will go bananas for Mago Monkey and Panu Panda, our super-soft plush adoptions. Like our other symbolic adoption kits, our cuddly infant plush also comes with a personalized adoption certificate.

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