Why this mom and son are teaming up for wildlife

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Montreal’s Laura Snelgrove and her son, Theo, first became interested in helping wildlife through WWF-Canada after symbolically adopting a Canadian lynx. Theo has always been interested in animals and WWF-Canada’s adoptions program presented the perfect opportunity to give the gift of nature to his friends and other family members.

When Laura learned about the Kids’ Run for Nature, she jumped at the chance to get Theo outside and active in support of wildlife. In fact, they recently participated in Montreal’s very first run!

Laura and her son, Theo, who participated in the 2019 Kids’ Run for Nature.

“I’d been looking for something in the community that would get Theo interested in the idea of giving his time and energy for others. Animals are his real passion, so this was a great chance for him to devote himself to making a difference,” says Laura. “Plus, it was a chance to burn off some energy on a Saturday morning!”

Theo (centre) with his friend, Joachim (left) and brother, Lewis (right), at the Montreal Kids’ Run for Nature.

To train for the one, three- and five-kilometre fun run, Theo has been running with his best friend at daycare, and once the warmer weather arrived, was finally able to practice outside.

“It’s important to our whole family to support wildlife and nature, not just because we love it, but because it’s absolutely vital to protect the planet’s biodiversity if we’re going to secure a sustainable future,” Laura says. She adds that she has been working to educate Theo and his brother about climate change. “We hope that species protection is a part of the solution.”

Thank you for supporting nature, Laura and Theo!

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