What would you do with 32?

No, we’re not promoting a new self-help bestseller. We’re talking about how better public transit can bring personal rewards and benefit the greater good at the same time. Want to support transit in the GTHA? Visit www.your32.com/wwf.
It seems like every day we hear generally how bad the traffic situation is in Canada:

And I’m sure we all have personal commuting horror stories that we could tell. It’s common to hear complaints and even more common to wish that things could be better.

© Michael Buckley / WWF-Canada

The truth is that things really CAN be better. By improving and developing transit across Canada, we can start to provide alternative transportation options for Canadians who currently rely on a vehicle to get around. It’s just going to take time…and investment…and support.
Sure, building transit to suit our growing needs is going to have costs – but before we talk about how to pay for it, let’s take a few moments to think about the benefits – our time, our health, and our environment!
Here are some important stats about commutes in Toronto and how a better transit system can pay off:

  • –By 2031, there will be a 50% increase in people living in the GTHA and the number of cars on the road. Without a regional transportation strategy, commute times for everyone will get even worse than they are today.
  • –The difference between average commuting times in the GTHA with The Big Move vs without it will be 32 minutes.
  • –The Big Move will reduce GHG emissions and energy consumption from passenger transportation.
  • –It’s not just about transit – 4,500 km of new walking and cycling infrastructure will be developed.

Today WWF is championing a campaign in the greater Toronto and Hamilton area that challenges residents to think of how better transit could improve their life. Whether you drive, transit, or active commute, www.your32.com/wwf shows how “The Big Move” will reduce the average commuting time across the cities and asks residents to tell us what they would do with the extra time that a better commute would bring.
It’s clear that everyone stands to benefit from improved transit – so why don’t you tell us what you would do with that extra free time? Visit www.your32.com/wwf or tweet #your32