Welcome Vicki Sahanatien to our Arctic team!

Vicki started on August 1 as our Senior Officer, Government and Community Relations, and will be based in Iqaluit, Nunavut.  A particular focus of her work will be to support our Last Ice Area campaign by engaging with Inuit, territorial and community interests to generate interest in and support for the project.

Source: https://www.biology.ualberta.ca/

Vicki brings a wealth of Arctic knowledge and experience to the position.  She spent 12 years leading and managing Arctic conservation programs with Parks Canada.  During that time she consulted and developed partnerships with co-operative management boards, Hunter and Trapper Organizations, Inuit elders, governments and universities for research, monitoring and planning initiatives.
She also has many years of on-the-ground field experience traveling on foot, ski, helicopter, snowmobile and boat in Nunavut.
Several years ago, inspired by her work in Nunavut, she decided to pursue Ph.D. research at the University of Alberta.  Her interdisciplinary research on the Foxe Basin polar bear sub-population uses satellite collar data, sea ice satellite imagery and maps, and Inuit knowledge to understand how the annual evolution, dynamics, and structure of sea ice habitat influences polar bear movements.
For her first mission, Vicki will soon be joining the final leg of the Sailing to Siku voyage, visiting Nunavut communities from Grise Fiord to Pond Inlet.
Please help us give Vicki a warm welcome to the WWF team.