We asked how you #CountForNature. Here’s what you told us

Every time someone tweets to @Tide sharing an action they take to make a difference for nature using the hashtags #purclean and #CountForNature, Tide purclean will donate $1* to WWF-Canada’s Count for Nature movement, but only until Nov. 30 at 11:59 p.m. ET. So get Tweeting!
We asked Canadians to share what they’re doing to take care of nature. Fostering an appreciation for wildlife, making environmentally conscious decisions and leading community conservation projects are just a few ways you’re making a difference.

You keep our water and shorelines healthy

I count for nature by joining the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup every year, six years and counting. – Mary 

I pick up plastic garbage and cigarette butts every day along our beach (Boundary Bay), our park and my neighbourhood streets and lanes. I do the same thing on the beaches of Honolulu during my winter holiday. There’s a lot of plastic in the oceans and rivers and my tiny contributions keep more plastics out of the Earth’s water. – Wendy

You appreciate nature and encourage others to do the same

I take my grandchildren out for nature walks and teach them how to identify wildflowers and berries. We also love bird watching and finding out about habitats. We talk about how important water conservation is and to be very aware and responsible for looking after our Earth home. Pamela
I am an avid outdoor enthusiast, pretty much doing anything and everything I can outside. Getting out in nature has been a big part of my life, and also my own healing journey from cancer. I truly believe nature has the capacity to help us heal by simply soaking up the beauty and energy around us.Cara

You reduce your environmental footprint and help address climate change

Minimizing my carbon footprint by walking, biking or taking public transit as much as possible, and conserving energy at home. – Hugh
Climate change seems like a problem much larger than any one of us. But it’s the simple things. If everyone adopted a greener lifestyle it would have a massive impact. – Eve

You preserve habitat and welcome wildlife in your neighbourhood

When I see bees burrowing into flower beds, I don’t disturb them. I leave spider webs in place and I don’t trim flower beds in the fall so insects can shelter over the winter. I’ve planted flowers that I hope will attract butterflies next year. In short, I’m willing to put up with an unkempt yard so critters have a safe place to live. – Sandy

We love to watch animals in their natural habitat completely free and thriving. We make sure to leave no trace and to respect the land and the animals where we camp. – Trish

You lead conservation projects

You do the little things that add up for nature

Living adjacent to a conservation area my kids and I are constantly aware of the turtles crossing our road and keep a tally of our ‘saves’ each summer.  – Ian
I have been planting trees on the boulevards around our neighbourhood for the past several years as replacements for older trees that have been damaged, died or removed. – Richard
This year we tried our hand at veggie gardening and returned to the practice of hanging out our laundry in an effort to use less energy.  As a huge consumer of water, I refuse to buy bottled water and instead filter my own using my Brita. Nothing we do is particularly noteworthy, but I firmly believe that if we all did just a little, the resulting impact would be huge. – Judie

Join the movement. Share how you #CountForNature.

We envision a world where nature, wildlife and people thrive together – but we’ll only get there if we all play a role. Be a part of the action by counting yourself in our growing movement of Canadians helping preserve nature.
Post a photo or message to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, letting us know how you connect with nature, and what you’re doing to support it. Tag @WWFCanada and use the hashtag #CountForNature and your post could appear on our social channels to celebrate our collective efforts.
Let’s show that Canadians care about nature. And show nature it can count on us.
* Acceptance of this support is not an endorsement by WWF-Canada for Tide or its individual products.