Update from the St. John River- what we’re working on in the New Year

We are embarking on a social ecological inventory (SEI) project with Brock University.  Utilizing standard research methodologies, we will be working to identify and speak with groups, organizations, agencies, governments, industries, municipalities and others that currently play a role and/or have an impact on river health.  There is plenty of amazing work happening on the river and across the watershed, but we don’t have a clear picture of who is doing what or where – that is what the SEI will do. With this information we will be able to identify gaps and synergies, share experiences and best practices, and strengthen connections from source to sea on the St. John River.

Photo credit: Simon Mitchell, WWF-Canada

This project will be an on-going process over the next few months and you are invited to contact me if you have any questions.  All research findings will be made public later this year.
I will also be hosting a joint presentation and discussion with the Canadian Rivers Institute (CRI) about the health of the St. John River on January 21, 6:30 at the Upper Kingsclear Community Hall (22 Mazerolle Settlement Road).  CRI will be making a presentation on the current health of the river based on The St. John River: State of the Environment Report.  I will also be providing an update on WWF’s Living Rivers Initiative on the St. John River. For those of you who cannot join us, I will share an update blog on this presentation shortly afterwards.