These two numbers show why Canada Water Week is so important

For Canada Water Week, March 21 to 27, explore freshwater issues at the heart of WWF-Canada’s work.
Freshwater species populations have declined 76 per cent over the past four decades, according to WWF’s most recent Living Planet report. That’s more species populations in freshwater systems than on land or at sea.
And Canada holds 20 per cent of the world’s freshwater. It’s where we swim, fish, boat or just enjoy the view. It is our source for drinking water, an important resource for industries and a vital part of all natural ecosystems. But it’s at risk.

Kayaker on the St. John River
A kayaker on the St. John River. © Terry Kelly / WWF-Canada

These two numbers, 76 and 20, show why the coming seven days are so important. March 21-27 is Canada Water Week, a celebration of freshwater from coast to coast. It is held annually in the third week of March and straddles World Water Day on Tuesday, March 22.

Here’s what’s coming up this week on to get you thinking about all things freshwater, from health and threat indicators to the creatures and communities that depend on freshwater:

  • “If climate change is a shark, then water is its teeth.” Discover what this means and find out what WWF’s watershed reports say about how climate change is impacting our freshwater resources.
  • Meet the dedicated water warriors who received 2016 Loblaw Water Fund grants to monitor, protect and restore our waters across the country.
  • Learn what the chemistry of healthy water is about.
  • Meet the mysterious Achikunipai, the “seal that is found in freshwater,” through a guest blog from a WWF-Canada volunteer and globetrotter. Find out what she learned about these endangered freshwater creatures from an expedition to Loups Marins lakes.
  • Discover the essentials about water pollution in Canada.
  • Get to know how bugs are an indicator of freshwater health.
  • Learn about habitat fragmentation: Why fish can’t find their way.