Turn your Run to Restore Nature into a GPS work of art

From May 7–15, people across Canada will be running, walking and wheeling through their communities in WWF-Canada’s Run to Restore Nature.

It’s an amazing way to support the wildlife you love. Want to add even more fun? Design a route shaped like one of the species you’re protecting!

Here’s one way to do it:

fox-shaped run route

    1. Register for WWF-Canada’s Run to Restore nature then create a free MapMyRun account online.
    2. Create a new route under the “Routes” tab.
    3. On the left side panel, name your route and select the type of activity you’ll be doing (running, walking, cycling, etc.)
    4. Click anywhere on the GPS map to place your starting point. Click on another spot, and the program will automatically connect the points using roads. If you don’t want to follow roads (for example, if you’re going to run in a park), de-select this option in the box on the right.
    5. Design your route like a connect-the-dots picture, adding points in a rough outline of your chosen animal.
    6. When you’re done, save your route and follow it on your next outing. Share it on social media tagging @wwfcanada #RunforNature.

You can pick the animal that corresponds to the distance you’ve signed up for — the Swift Fox Sprint (5 km), Tiger Trek (10 km) or Great Half Marathon Caribou Migration (25 km) — or opt for other cool choices like the American badger or North Atlantic right whale. Find a photo online to use as a guide as you add points to your map.

The more roads on your map, the easier it will be to create a route that’s the right distance and shape. Including a park will make it easier to create curves. (Pro tip: if there’s a portion of your route design that must be straight or curved, add these points first.)

Paddlers can take part too! To plan your canoeing, kayaking or paddle boarding route, try this tool. Mapping in water makes it easier to include more details and curves.

swift fox family
© Fi Rust

Why run?

Participating in WWF’s Run to Restore Nature is your chance to come together for wildlife and chart a better course for our planet.

Every step you take and every dollar you raise will support WWF-Canada’s 10-year goals to restore at least one million hectares of degraded habitat and protect 100 million hectares of ecologically rich ecosystems, while reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Conquer your personal goals and contribute to a healthier future for wildlife, nature and people.

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