Three fundraising strategies from three top companies!

The CN Tower Climb is less than one week away, and our Team Challenge participants are eagerly waiting to tackle the Tower’s 1,776 steps. However, going up the tower is just one part of the challenge presented to all climbers. The second part – fundraising for WWF – is what truly helps us make a difference to protect endangered species and the place they call home.
These three companies have fully embraced both parts of the challenge, and are currently sitting in 5 of the CN Tower Climb’s top 10 team fundraising spots!
What strategies have allowed them to be so successful?
Northam Realty – Team #WETHENORTHAM
Fundraising Goal: Our fundraising goal has no limit!
Top Fundraising Strategy: “Using many different channels to contact our networks has been the most successful strategy for us. We reached out to friends, family and coworkers using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, by posting on our LinkedIn page, by sending out personalized e-mails, and by asking people to donate in-person. Furthermore, we reached out to our contractors for donations, and have placed their names on the back of our t-shirts!”  – Jennifer Tran, Northam Realty

© Northam Realty
Team #WETHENORTHAM currently sits in first place having raised $6,600 so far! © Northam Realty

HP Canada – Team HP’s Tower of Power
Fundraising Goal: $2,500, and we have achieved our goal after raising the bar multiple times!
Top Fundraising Strategy: “Rallying around our team goal and sharing our climb story has really helped us to be successful. Our friends and family were happy to support such important conservation work, and were even happier to leave the hard stepping to the team!” – HP’s Tower of Power Team Members
© HP Canada
Team HP’s Tower of Power has raised $3,145 in their climb efforts so far!© HP Canada

Bentall Kennedy – Bentall Kennedy Corporate Team
Fundraising Goal: Bentall Kennedy’s Corporate Team goal is $10,000, which we have already surpassed with a week left to go!
Top Fundraising Strategy:    “A large part of what has made our top fundraisers so successful has been reaching out to our vendors through a personalized phone call or e-mail. We’ve found that many companies are willing and able to donate a larger sum than individuals, and leveraging this information has helped us to well exceed our $10,000 corporate goal much faster than we had imagined.” – Melissa Jacobs, Bentall Kennedy
©Bentall Kennedy
Sustainability champions Stefanie De Adder (left) and Melissa Jacobs have been integral to helping Bentall Kennedy raise over $16,300 for WWF! ©Bentall Kennedy

Through their astounding efforts, each of these teams has truly exemplified what it means to fundraise and rally for wildlife.
It’s your turn to step up! Rally your team and use the tips and strategies outlined above to win some cool rewards and help lead the pack for wildlife conservation. Interested in climbing but haven’t registered yet? It’s not too late to get a team together and sign up now!
Learn more about how your company can get involved with the Living Planet @ Work program and the many ways you can bring sustainability to your office and support WWF’s critical conservation work.