Our donors are amazing! Meet a family that's serious about protecting our planet

WWF-Canada’s donors are truly amazing! To say thank you, we’re celebrating Donor Appreciation Week (June 17 to June 21) during which we’ll share daily stories about outstanding nature lovers who are protecting our planet through WWF-Canada. From coast to coast to coast, our donors are “natural heroes” and finding innovative ways to stand up for wildlife.

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Derek, Ginny and Tessie at the 2019 Kids’ Run for Nature.

Derek Forgie became a proud supporter of nature through WWF-Canada at age 11, after his parents bought him a sweatshirt with endangered species on it. In fact, as well as being a WWF-Canada supporter, he launched Eco Allies, his very own initiative based on sustainable living. It’s no wonder that his seven-year-old daughter, Ginny, is now following his lead (also encouraged by her mom, Tessie)! Since 2017, Ginny has taken part in the Kids’ Run for Nature and this year, completed the three-kilometre course. Ginny also employs her crafty side by making necklaces to sell in support of WWF-Canada.

“My enthusiasm for the work that WWF-Canada is perpetually engaged in has never wavered throughout most of my life,” Derek says. “My daughter is off to an even more exciting start at an earlier age. Tessie and I are so unspeakably heartened by the ripple effect [these experiences] will have on her.”

Ginny selling her handmade necklaces in support of WWF-Canada.

As for Ginny — whose favourite animals are wolves and snowy owls — she says that helping wildlife is only natural. “I want to help because animals are losing their habitat,” says Ginny. “We need them just as much as they need us to help them!”

Ginny with her symbolically adopted wolves in support of WWF-Canada.

Thank you for supporting nature, Ginny, Derek and Tessie!

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