The Water Brothers on keeping our waters clean

1) What is your special connection to water?
Our special connection to water would certainly be through our TV show (The Water Brothers) because we get a unique opportunity to share our passion for water in all its forms. More importantly, we get to raise awareness about the immense challenges we face to better protect the oceans and our freshwater resources and hopefully encourage Canadians to help protect their own local watersheds as well.

Alex and Tyler aboard the research vessel Sea Dragon posing with various plastic items pulled from the Western Pacific Garbage Patch. May, 2012.

2) What is your favorite body of water in Canada?
Our favourite body of water in Canada would have to be Georgian Bay. Not only it is incredibly beautiful, but we spend a lot of time up there at our family cottage so we have a lot of special memories from our time up there with family and friends.
3) Why do you think it’s important to keep our waters clean and healthy?
Water is life. Our bodies are made of water and the same goes for every other living thing on Earth. So keeping water clean and healthy helps ensure healthier bodies and a healthier planet.

4) Why have you chosen to work with Vancouver Aquarium and WWF on the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup?
My brother and I recently filmed an episode for our 2nd season during a scientific expedition across the western Pacific. On the journey we were studying the density and distribution of plastic waste in an area commonly known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and after seeing how much plastic waste and junk is ending up in our oceans we are prepared to do anything that will help solve this immense global problem. We are so proud to be associated with WWF and the Vancouver Aquarium on the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup because events like this are a very effective solution for slowing down the daily influx of garbage into Canadian lakes, rivers and oceans.
5) What do you want the public to get out of participating in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup?
We want the Canadian public to feel a sense of concern for how polluted our coastlines and waters are becoming, but also a sense of pride for helping to protect some of our most precious gifts. Canadians are blessed with countless rivers and lakes and bountiful supplies of freshwater. Canada is also surrounded by three different oceans and we are home to the longest coastline in the entire world. We want Canadians to feel a sense of responsibility to protect the very things that make our country and our landscape so special and unique. Clean coastlines and clean water should be part of the Canadian national identity.
Sign up at to participate in one of Canada’s largest direct action cleanup efforts from September 15-23, 2012 – right in your own community. Adopt a local shoreline as a site coordinator, or volunteer with an existing cleanup. You never know what you’ll find – perhaps you’ll be the one to find the next most unusual litter item!