THANK YOU to our donors — we appreciate you and your love of nature

Whether their love of nature and wildlife was inherited from their parents, gained in the great outdoors, or rediscovered with their children, our donors all have something in common: their appreciation for the planet has inspired them to make a difference.

So, for Donor Appreciation Week, the team at WWF-Canada would like to express gratitude and share some of the reasons why we’re wild about conservation.


Victoria Gort, a monthly donor from Victoria, B.C., wants to preserve biodiversity for future generations.

Victoria Gort from Victoria B.C., smiling with a brown horse.
Victoria Gort, a monthly donor, Victoria, B.C.

 “I grew up in central B.C., practically in the middle of nowhere. As part of that, we had a lot of opportunity to experience wildlife in their natural habits — bald eagles, golden eagles, swans, sandhill cranes, hawks, geese, red tail fox, coyotes, timber wolves, wolverines, grizzly bears, black bears, otters, beavers, moose, elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer and the occasional mountain lion, to name a few.

It’s amazing to witness these animals in their natural habitat and I want my children, and eventually, their children’s children to be able to have this incredible opportunity.”

 Kristina Stanley, a long-time donor from Darlings Island, N.B., draws on the lessons learned from her childhood to help shape the future.

Kristina posing outside in the snow with a border collie
Kristina Stanley, a long-time donor, Darlings Island, NB

“My parents inspired me. They loved to bird watch and to walk in the woods and be with nature. They instilled in us [that] our actions affected everything around us, and they recycled, reused, repurposed, and composted long before it was the “thing” to do.

Donating to WWF has just made sense and, though my donation is small, I just know it goes toward much needed research. My hope is that the collective we make changes to sustain our world for generations to come.”

Carleon Hardie from Dundas, Ont.  has been donating to WWF-Canada for more than 15 years. She learned about nature from her  father and pays it forward by supporting her kids’  interest in conservation.

Two-year old Carleon Hardie with her dad, Dundas, Ont.
Carleon Hardie with her dad, Dundas, Ont.

Carleon Hardie with her dad from Dundas, Ont.“My Dad was the most influential person in giving me a love of nature. He took my brothers and I on many hikes, camping trips, trips to conservation areas and to beaches. He shared his appreciation for the beauty of plants, the majesty of animals, and the benefits of proper clothing and footwear for whatever the weather.

My kids helped me with awareness of the World Wildlife Fund by adopting animals. They were big stuffed animal fans! My youngest made her fifth birthday a fundraiser for WWF and was proud to raise a decent sum.”

Rolando Pepano  shares how his experiences in the Philippines and Canada shaped his life.

Roland Pepano

Roland Pepano “My appreciation for the natural world was inspired by my upbringing, particularly by my mother, who instilled in me a love for animals and nature from a young age. Growing up in a small mountainous province in the Philippines, I was fortunate enough to see wild animals in their natural habitat near the river. This experience only strengthened my connection to the natural world. But over time, I noticed that the wildlife was disappearing, which broke my heart. I knew that the ecosystem and wildlife were an essential part of the world, and it saddened me to see it declining.

As I grew older and learned more about the threats facing the environment and wildlife, I knew that I had to take action to help preserve and protect them. This led me to become involved in wildlife conservation, starting with small actions like supporting WWF-Canada and learning more about ways to live sustainably and reduce my impact on the planet.

My hope for the future of the planet is that we will continue to work together to protect and restore the natural world.”

Lastly, Demetra Servello from Mississauga, Ont.  understands that the importance of connecting to nature at a young age.  

“My appreciation for the natural world comes from my children. I enjoy watching them playing in nature, creating with nature, exploring nature and respecting nature. I hope our next generations continue to protect and learn from our natural world.”


On behalf of everyone here at WWF-Canada, THANK YOU for supporting wildlife. We couldn’t create a positive and lasting impact for nature and people without you.

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