Sweaters wanted to help fight climate change!

Updated January 11, 2016.

We are calling on YOU to put on a sweater and turn down the thermostats in support of National Sweater Day. On Thursday February 4, 2016 put on your favourite, warmest or maybe your wackiest sweater and help bring awareness to energy conservation and action on climate change!
You may wonder, what does a sweater have to do with climate change? National Sweater Day is a day to think differently about how we use energy and how we can all play a role in tackling climate change in Canada. Turning down our heat and wearing a sweater is a small action that is symbolic of bigger change. Imagine the possibilities!

National Sweater Day, presented by Loblaw Companies Limited, is February 4th! Turn down the heat and put on a cozy sweater to show your support for action on climate change and energy conservation.

In Canada, the energy that powers our cities and industries is heavily supplied by fossil fuels, such as oil, gas and coal. These release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and transform ecosystems at an alarming rate. We are already seeing the impacts of climate change, particularly on our Arctic and our oceans. We know that this is not the future we want, and it doesn’t have to be.
Reducing the amount of energy we use is half of the battle in putting Canada on the right path to climate leadership. The great news is that all of us can participate in and help drive energy conservation. The solutions connect the choices we make in our everyday lives to the choices we can advocate for as citizens. In part, that means being more conscious of how we each use energy.
On February 5, turn down your thermostat to conserve energy. ©iStockPhoto /WWF-Canada

How can I join National Sweater Day?
It’s easy! Mark February 4th on your calendars and start going through your closet to find that perfect cozy sweater for National Sweater Day.
Visit our National Sweater Day page and learn about fun ways to participate. Also, follow WWF-Canada on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and post all your great National Sweater Day activities using #SweaterDay.
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© WWF-Canada

If you’re a student, parent or teacher, this is a great event for schools! Ask custodial staff to turn down the heat in school buildings, cozy up in the classroom and learn how your actions can help fight climate change. Visit schools.wwf.ca/GetInvolved for tips, ideas and free resources for teachers.
And if you’re a business or work in an office, why not host a Lunch ‘n Learn, an energy trivia challenge or better yet, a fundraiser to support WWF’s conservation work? Visit our Living Planet @ Work website to learn more on how to engage your colleagues in energy conservation and make sure to share stories or photos of your workplace’s wacky sweaters!
National Sweater Day is made possible through partial proceeds from the sale of plastic shopping bags in Loblaw banner stores across Canada. Since 2009, Loblaw Companies Limited has donated one million dollars annually to WWF, for a total of six million dollars, to support activities that engage Canadians on climate change and other conservation issues.