Sweater Day Party at the WWF-Canada office in St. John's, NL

Feb 7th, 2013.  The snow was falling and swirling around outside, and I’m thinking… “will we see anyone tonight for our Sweater Day Party?”
Then….they arrived, donning stitched wonders…some wearing layers of sweaters…just to make sure they get it right.
Sweater Day Party commence!
Steph Nicholl sweater day party
There was a Hot Chocolate Bar set up in the kitchen, consisting of:  Hot Chocolate, marshmallows, chocolate chips, pepperminty crushed candy cane, caramels, and peanut butter chips.  Delicious treats…mini cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, and …some homemade brownies brought by my sweatered friend.    I strung make-shift clothes lines around the house, with paper cutout sweaters attached by clothes pins, just to set the appropriate ambiance for the evening 🙂
A few friends mentioned how warm it was inside with their sweaters on…so I turned the heat down even more.  Just goes to show that you don’t have to be cold in your home by turning down the heat….just slip into something a little knitted.
We snapped a few pictures, enjoyed engaging conversation, listened to some records, and delighted in our personally made hot chocolates.
A success…I think so.   Maybe we’ll make this an annual party!