Support Plan 2014, Restore Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River

So much for the lazy days of summer!  The International Joint Commission (IJC) has released a new and pretty unique proposal to manage Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.  At WWF we are really excited about this plan because it’s about returning the river to a more natural flow regime while trying to balance the needs of all stakeholders.  If the Plan is approved by both Federal Governments it has the opportunity to be a shining example of collaborative effort for nature and people.

Waves and lighthouse, Lake Ontario, Canada
Wind whips waves around an old lighthouse on Lake Ontario, Port Dalhousie, Ontario, Canada
© Frank PARHIZGAR / WWF-Canada

Please help us make a big difference in Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Please take the opportunity to submit your letter of support to the IJC. We have a two step process:
Submit a letter of support to the IJC supporting Plan 2014. We’ve drafted some content to help here.
Take it a step further and share your support with your local MPP and MP here.  Fun fact: While the IJC does all the research, public consultation, and implementation, it’s actually the Canadian and American Governments that have final approval!
Both of these steps are important steps to ensuring Plan 2014 gets through the political maze.
If you want to learn more about the issue you can check out my blogs on the issue here.
Thanks everyone!
We hope you are enjoying your summer!