Seize Your Power – Sign the pledge

WWF is launching a major global campaign to increase worldwide investment in renewable energy by $40 billion in the next 12 months.  To succeed, we need your help.
Over the next year, WWF will approach big players in world governments and the finance sector— asking for significant investment and policy commitments that will move the world away from fossil fuels and toward a green energy future.
We can’t make these demands alone.  We need the power of your voice—and of hundreds of thousands of voices across the globe—behind us.
Your pledge is the platform on which WWF will ask for—and achieve—transformative results from the world’s decision-makers.
Join us.  Seize your power. Sign the pledge.
We believe our future can, and should, be powered by nature.
The energy systems in place across the planet within the next four years will define the world’s climate change path for generations.
All countries have a right to develop, yet we need to invest money now in clean and renewable energy – to limit dangerous climate change, to reduce the risk to human health from fossil fuels, to fast-track access to energy, and to safeguard our collective future.
We call on financial institutions and governments worldwide to act immediately to invest more in sustainable energy powered by wind, water and the sun. They must phase out investments in coal, oil and gas and enable a just transition from the dirty and unsustainable energy of today.
The world needs investment in nature, and there are good reasons to do so now more than ever. We stand for a future in which people live in harmony with nature. Investing in fossil fuels threatens the natural world and the stability of communities and society. Investing in renewable energy will support a clean, sustainable future for all.
There must be no financial reward for environmental and human harm.
We choose to invest in solutions rather than problems: join us.
Seize your power.