Sailing to Siku – an update from Vicki

By Vicki Sahanatien, Government and Community Relations Officer, WWF-Canada in Iqaluit.
Fog and then wind has held us in Resolute Bay the past two days. In the arctic there is a saying, the weather is our boss. We travel when the weather permits.

Storm in Resolute Bay (C) Vicki Sahanatien, WWF-Canada

There are no roads between communities, so we must fly, snowmobile, boat, ski or walk. Our destination, Grise Fiord is about a 2.5 hour flight by twin otter from Resolute Bay. The deHavilland twin otter is the only aircraft used for passenger flights into Grise Fiord’s short, rather tricky landing strip that is tucked in between the mountains and ocean shore.
Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will fly to Grise Fiord, change crews and be off Sailing to Siku on the Arctic Tern I.