RV Celtic Explorer: Final day

By Susan Fudge
Manager, Fisheries Conservation
February 10, 2011
I have been thinking about this research trip and next years and how different things have been in my province (Newfoundland and Labrador) the past few years.  There’s an excitement, like we are on the cusp of something big, and in my mind for fisheries research and our fishing industry I think it is true. The investment in research by our provincial government and interest from industry just goes to show the importance, and I think dedication we have to claiming our place in the seafood industry. Afterall we have to know what we are dealing with out there in our waters in order to ensure it is sustainable long-term. Yes, we are definitely on our way to something big.
I digress, back to my day. After I had a proper Irish breakfast of eggs, beans, pudding and coffee, I made my way to the dry lab where students and researchers sit about working on their papers, reading or playing games (when Dr. Rose isn’t looking) all while keeping an eye on the echograms from the acoustic equipment for what lies beneath the ship. Basically, very fancy fish finders, and I mean fancy!  I must say once again that the RV Celtic Explorer is like the lottery to a scientist in fisheries acoustics (I guess my geek factor just went up again?).

(c) Susan Fudge/WWF-Canada
I chatted with the students about their research, everything from using acoustics to study closed areas to studying ecosystems in lakes near hyro damns, very impressive. Then late morning, I got the bad news… my time was up; I had to disembark that evening. I was hoping to stay on for a few more days but I only had one opportunity to get off and let’s face it, it was today or March 3. The crew was anxious to get offshore where the rest of their trip will take place. I can honestly say, part of me was jealous but the other part of me was glad that I would be home in the comfort of my home and not over one hundred nautical miles offshore for the next twenty something days. Many thanks to the Captain and crew of the RV Celtic Explorer, I wish the crew calms seas and winds at their stern. You can continue to follow their trip at https://scientistsatsea.blogspot.com. Also come back in March to look for an update and summary of the trip.
(c) Susan Fudge/WWF-Canada