For his 4th birthday, Quinn got the birthday gifts of his choosing, and WWF got $110!

On Quinn’s fourth birthday, he learned a what some don’t learn until much later in life – the good feeling that comes from giving back.
Instead of asking simply for gifts for himself from his friends and family, he gave a donation to WWF to support animals around the world through the charitable giving website, Echoage.
“We felt so grateful for everything that we have as a family,” explained Quinn’s Mum.  “When we heard about ECHOage, we thought that it would be a great opportunity to teach Quinn about giving back.”
Quinn for echoage
EchoAge is a website for US and Canadian residents, which teaches children about giving to those less fortunate.  How does it work? Each guest contributes a gift amount.  ECHOage collects all of the gifts and deducts an administrative fee. The balance is split in half.  One half of the proceeds is contributed to a charity of your child’s choice and the other half is returned to you to purchase one meaningful gift.
“Quinn really liked the ECHOage certificate that we were able to print out for him saying that he had done an amazing job raising money for WWF. He is proud to say that he was able to “help the animals” as a part of his birthday gift this year.”
Thank you, Quinn! Your donation and your help is greatly appreciated; by us here at WWF, and although they can’t say it in a blog, by the animals too.