Protecting healthy ecosystems

The Great Bear region offers unlimited potential for a diverse and sustainable economy based on healthy ecosystems. This is a place that demands the very best of our thinking. By standing up against the oil pipeline and investing in smart, science-based planning, we will conserve the wonder and the value of this remarkable place, for generations to come.

The Northern Gateway Project proposes to build an oil pipeline from the Alberta tar sands through the Great Bear. The 1,170-kilometre route would bisect the rainforest. It would transport toxic oil sands bitumen across hundreds of salmon streams. The pipeline would bring as many as 220 supersized oil tankers into B.C’s sensitive coastal waters every year.
This massive industrialization threatens the very heart of the Great Bear. It could damage or destroy the cultural, ecological, and economic values this region offers and it’s a big step back from the hard work done to manage and safeguard this global treasure.
Join WWF and Coastal First Nations to help protect this region from the risks of oil pipelines and tankers by signing your name here: