Plenty of sunshine heading Ontario's way

Coal and oil create emissions that build up in our atmosphere, adding to human-caused climate change, which is a threat to 30-70 percent of biodiversity in the world.
The story is an inspiring one: What used to make parts for cars and construction is now making parts for solar power equipment. To do this, Samco Machinery Ltd. has opened a new division called Samco Solar. This is the first project of its kind in the province of Ontario, a project being helped by one of the most environmentally progressive renewable energy plans in North America: the Green Energy Act.
Photovoltaic solar power panel, Spain (c) Claire Doole/WWF-Canon
© Claire Doole/WWF-Canon
What is hoped to be many examples to come of exciting clean energy projects in the country. In addition to being necessary to addressing climate change, using renewable energy sources instead of coal or nuclear is a benefit to land and water conservation as well as to air quality. Even more so, these projects build a new job base, helping build an economy that is not only sustainable, but that cares for the environment of which we are a part.
Climate change is the biggest threat to our oceans and species. Shifting to renewable energy will help us solve climate change. WWF is working across Canada to make this shift happen. For more on WWF-Canada’s work on climate change, click here.