Partying with the Panda: a Sweater Day flashmob

By Carolyn Dawe
What is that saying? Dance like nobody’s watching?
More than 100 Sweater Day dance enthusiasts did exactly that in the middle of Metrotown Mall in Burnaby, BC on Saturday. Except that we were hoping everyone was watching. And watch they did, as the Panda, a giant Thermostat and folks dressed up in funky sweaters took part in WWF’s first flash mob.

Participants in the February 4 Flash Mob in honour of National Sweater Day.

My dance skills are limited to the funky chicken and the Macarena, and even those I don’t do well. So when the idea of hosting a flash mob came up in conversation with BC’s Team Power Smart about what we could do to kick off Sweater Day, I knew we had to call in the professionals.
Vancouver Improv Anywhere came to our rescue to help choreograph and execute this event. Without them our moves would not have been so smooth! People from all over Vancouver’s Lower Mainland joined us including 35 students from Bodwell High School in North Vancouver, BC Hydro’s Team Power Smart, friends, family, and some amazing participants who make flash mobbing their hobby.
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So how does something as upbeat as a flash mob fit with the serious priorities of climate change? Action for the environment can sometimes feel like an overwhelming undertaking and a Sweater Day dance was a great way to reach out to people in a fresh and creative way. We can take action for climate change in our homes, and we can all do our part. This morning when I got to work, my phone rang, and on the line was my Granny Iva calling to remind me to put on my sweater this Thursday. It made my day! I highly encourage you to sign up for your own granny call at And of course, this Thursday, February 9th, turn down your heat, and wear a sweater!