Our Planet like you’ve never seen it before

Our Planet is a Netflix original documentary series and groundbreaking four-year collaboration between Netflix, Silverback Films and WWF. It explores the rich natural wonders, iconic species and wildlife spectacles that still remain, and reveals the key issues that urgently threaten their existence.

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Polar bear searching the ice-edge for food, Admiralty Inlet, Canada.
(c) David Reid / Silverback/Netflix

Today, we have become the greatest threat to the health of our planet. Unsustainable human activities have caused a 60 per cent average decline in global wildlife populations in less than a generation. Canadian wildlife are not immune to these losses. WWF’s Living Planet Report Canada found that half of the monitored vertebrate species in Canada are declining, and of those, the decline is 83 per cent.

Our collaborative mission is to inspire people over the world to understand our planet – and the challenges it faces. If we can truly understand why nature matters to us all, and what we can do to save it, then we can create a future where nature and people thrive.

WWF has ensured the Our Planet series and all supporting content is supported by the latest science.