Ontario announcement brings new support for Electric Vehicle owners

This morning the government of Ontario announced a new rebate program for home charging stations for electric vehicles. Starting January 1st, 2013, Ontarians will not only receive the existing purchase incentive (up to $8,500 off the purchase of an electric vehicle), they will now receive up to $1,000 off the cost of installing a charger at home. Ontario is joining British Columbia and Quebec as provinces that provide incentives and rebates for both vehicle purchasing and home charging installations.
While electric vehicles can be charged using a regular 110 V socket, it’s a pretty slow process. For a quicker charge, many new owners will install a specialized 220 V charging station at their home. This extra step and expense can add an extra complication for a new electric vehicle owner. By supporting individuals with installing a charging station at their home, the Governments of BC, Quebec and Ontario are helping to make the process easier.

Photo credit: Rebecca Spring, WWF-Canada

Supporting charging infrastructure is a key action that WWF-Canada identified in our Transportation rEVolution campaign to help with the transition to low-emission electric vehicles. While there is still a way to go with creating a public charging network that will allow for the occasional range-extending top-up, home charging is incredibly important – approximately 80% of EV charging will happen overnight at home or at work. We’d like to congratulate the Government of Ontario (and BC & Quebec) for taking these first steps toward lower-emission transportation.
More details on existing incentives are listed below:

For more details on WWF-Canada’s Transportation rEVolution campaign: https://awsassets.wwf.ca/img/original/wwf_ghg_ev_reduction_infographic_final.jpg.
For more details on why EVs are important in reducing Canada’s transportation-related GHG emissions: https://www.wwf.ca/conservation/global_warming/going_electric/