Live life health people animals rivers

At WWF-Canada, we’re committed to achieving a living planet where humans live in harmony with nature. This means we often ask, “What would such a world look like?” The word cloud  – generated by the question “Why do you say fresh water is important to prosperity and quality of life in BC?” – is a good place to start looking for answers. If you don’t believe me, spend some time playing with the words to create phrases that speak to you.
Live Life. Quality Life. Clean Drink. Agriculture. Industry Everywhere Depends.
The possibilities seem endless. And they touch on much of what it means to live in a modern society. This, for me, is telling as it highlights  the importance of water to our daily lives. If only we take the time to stop and think about it.
Which brings me to another interesting aspect of this survey: Only 14 percent of British Columbians have heard about the BC government’s current process to modernize the Water Act. The poll shows that while  the majority of British Columbians understand the importance of water, most don’t know that the  BC government is now drafting new legislation. Legislation that will decide how British Columbian’s use, manage, steward and ultimately relate to water. Given that the last time this happened in BC was 1909, you would think that more British Columbians would want to be heard on these changes.
To find out more, visit BC’s Water Act Modernization website to find out how you can provide input into the drafting. Or better yet, pick out a few words from the word cloud above and tell your MLA how you feel about the role of water in your future. I know what mine will be: Life. Animals. Clean. Health. People.
(c) A.S. Wright